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Castro Conundrum Solved: Building ID's Confirmed, Denied

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Following up on the post below, post haste: Thanks to the Bay Area Reporter for cracking the case on the long-vacant building at Noe and Market; looks like there's a lot of boys coming to the 'hood, as it were. Let's take it straight to the listage:

· The San Francisco AIDS Foundation will move into the former Tower Records at Market and Noe Streets, having bested Trader Joes, Cost Plus World Market, Staples, and Home Depot, who also bid for the space. SFAF will occupy both floors, housing the offices of the Stone Wall Project and the gay men's health center, Magnet.
· The cornucopia of 24-hour everything that is the 18th Street Walgreens plans to expand into the vacant laundromat space next door. Joy.
· Levi's recently overtook the least at 525 Castro Street, former home to Castro Video. The store will "mainly carry men'sclothing but also stock some women's items." Coolthanks.
· Washington Mutual Bank will occupy the former Dulux paint store at Market and Sanchez Streets.

Naturally, the opposition runs rampant— save for the SFAF, whose opposition would be akin to Ammiano putting the screws on the Salvation Army. But worse. So everyone remain calm, mmmmkay?
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