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New Housing in Hunter's Point: Triumph or Failure in the Making?

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City planners, can we get your take here? The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has reviewed plans to demo and rebuild a 20-acre site in Hunter's Point that currently houses 267 units of public housing, only 154 of which are rented by the SF Housing Authority. Six towers' worth of units— 740 in all— will tower over 65 feet above the Bay, according to the new schematic; 267 will serve as public housing, 315 will sell at market rate, and 141 are to be designated as BMR units. (Random: seventeen will be built by Habitat for Humanity. Didn't know developers would let those folks near a construction site.) Today's Examiner describes the plans as such:

Narrow, tree-lined streets in the redeveloped site will follow a classical grid-pattern that connect with roads in surrounding neighborhoods High rises on narrow streets in a "classical" grid-pattern make us think of harsh hoods where the grid isn't exactly associated with tenant's given positions on ecologically-sound living. Planners, what say you? Moving forward to a future of smart, dense living (good) or setting up the nabe for even rougher times (bad)? At first blush, seems the former. But it's worth asking about the latter, no? Indulge our earnesty here, people.
· Public housing in Hunters Point to have soaring views [Examiner]