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SF Nightlife Drafts Truce with Nabes

Is the sun setting on San Francisco nightlife? Entertainment industry workers are worrying as much. A fresh-faced advocacy organization, SaveSFCulture Coalition hopes to take back the night with a new charter amendment scheduled to undergo review today by the city's Entertainment Commission. Increasing land values; a lack of buildable space; the murderously difficult permitting process; and an aging population is enough to make entertainment ventures even more adventurous undertakings — and not in a good way. The amendment will require that all city departments consider the entertainment industry (henceforth known as "the biz") before making any planning, zoning, or construction decisions— a tall order, but one that supporters think is necessary. If passed, the measure will also streamline the permitting process for neighborhood events, such as the always-controversial North Beach Festival. As always, the city has NIMBY's the public's best interest at heart; for example, the new policy could assure that new SoMa and downtown housing is adequately soundproofed when built near to an music venue. See? With any luck, neighbors performing citizen's arrests on club managers will soon be a thing of the past.
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