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Salvation Army Marches Bravely into the Tenderloin

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"We hope to be an island in a sea of shark-infested waters." So says Salvation Army Major George Rocheleau. The "island" his referring to is a new housing development set to open next month. The "shark-infested waters" are, of course, a reference to the Tenderloin. Designed by Herman & Coliver: Architecture, the project will be a sort of Green Zone for the Salvation Army's occupation of the Tenderloin. It will bring to the nabe 113 "transitional" and permanent housing units, including units for children whom have outgrown foster care, as well as a new youth center to keep some of those young sharks from gathering around unsuspecting chum. The center will offer a gym, dance studio, art studios, and even a climbing wall. At a cost of $52.6 million and with an area over 135,000 square feet, the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center and Railton Place will be the largest development project ever undertaken by the SA in their 120+ years in San Francisco.
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