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Young "Pioneers" Hailed for "Discovering" the 'Loin

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Warning: rampant use of sarcasm ahead: "Tenderloin chic." "SoHo in San Francisco." "Pioneers." These are some of the terms bandied about in the Chron's profile of several young homeowners who have recently bought in the wild, entirely unchartered frontier that is the Tenderloin. "If the Tenderloin is ever to pull itself out of decades of urban blight, it won't be because of an influx of rich dot-commers or wealthy empty-nesters," claims the piece, which predicts that the 'Loin will instead be saved by the ranks of those anti-NIMBY's (finally!) barely able to scrape together the down payment to scoop up one of the new codos popping up around the nabe. "I think some people kind of like it a little edgy," shills a local realtor quoted by Nevius. "We're going to bill it as 'SoHo in San Francisco.' " Right. Or rather, maybe so— time will tell. In the meantime, we wonder: what happened to Westfield Centre and Mint Plaza as the savior of the 'Loin? Or what about last week's Mid-Market development plan? Up with the rich, down with the rich ... Oh, San Francisco.
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Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103