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Opinion Watch: San Francisco on Transbay Terminal Plan

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Everyone has a piece to say on the new Transbay Terminal Plan released by the city last week. Join us today as we relay some of the most inflammatory best sound bytes we've come across on the Interweb: From BeyondChron's Paul Hogarth: "If you’re upset about Rincon Tower, the worse may be yet to come. Last week, the San Francisco Chronicle lauded plans for South-of-Market – a future “Midtown Manhattan” that will include a 1,000-foot tower (along with six other high-rises) at the new Transbay Terminal. Despite the City’s proud history of battling high-rise development, now we’re supposed to support raising downtown height limits because it will mean “more housing.” But who in San Francisco needs this housing? Most of it will be luxury condos for millionaires and not for San Franciscans."