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CAMP Protesters Will. Not. Stop.

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Fearing the "adverse effects" recently predicted by the National Parks Service (and that's just the most recent kvetch against the project!) Presidio residents have elected to reinstate the Presidio Neighborhood Representative Work Group, originally formed back in 2001 as a way of providing feedback on new developments; back then, George Lucas' digital arts center was the topic du jour. This collection of nabe coalitions once delivered weekly reports to the Presidio Trust, who's overseeing the project. Though CAMP's talking head (Sam Singer, of Tiger Attack '08 fame) claim that Don and Doris Fisher have received "overwhelmingly positive" support for their project. Joining the Presidio Historical Association in its staunch opposition to the project, however, at least one sub-group from the PNRWG has already publicly denounced the CAMP route as the "wrong track" for the Presidio. Rumors that Gluckman Mayner have dropped the project are inconclusive. (Sure, we just conjured that one out of nowhere. Foreshadowing though, perhaps?)
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