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That's Rather Hideous: Subliminal Messages at 784 Wisconsin Street

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That's Rather Hideous is the report filed by Curbed SF's own interior design vice squad. Spot an offender? File a complaint— or a compliment. Witness protection guaranteed. Note: As we don't employ a company sketch artist, digital photos are always appreciated.

Sure, our That's Rather Hideous Tactical Unit was tempted to take a swipe at the low-hanging fruit while conducting its investigation of this mural at 784 Wisconsin Street— men, screws, what have you. But there is a much, much deeper issue at hand here, people. So let's put down our Cubans for one hot second and take a look at what's actually happening in this picture: Note that the mural above is not painted on the wall of a toddler's bedroom. It isn't decorating a play room, basement, nor— God forbid— a garage door. It isn't slapped up along an alleyway in the Mission or North Beach or, for that matter, the Castro. Rather, it graces the main living area of a $1.1 million "contemporary" condo in Potrero Hill. Analyze that, real estate fans.
· 784 Wisconsin Street [Zephyr]