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Newsom: SF Homeowners Accountable for Retrofits

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In preparation for the next Big Quake, whenever that inevitable day finally arrives, hizzoner the Gav has turned his attention to preventing the collapse of our beloved neighborhoods. His new plan requires homeowners, especially those with "soft-story" buildings (those with garages on the first level), to retrofit their buildings with seismic upgrades. At their own expense. During the 1989 Lorna Prieta earthquake, the Marina was heavily damaged and this new plan came about as an effort to prevent history from repeating itself. But according to a new map from the Department of Building inspection, it's the Outer Sunset, not the Marina, that holds the title of most vulnerable nabe. The new earthquake "plan" (and we use the term loosely) requires city officials to go door-to-door Avon lady style alerting residents that they must upgrade their building. No financial assistance is offered, like we said. Perhaps Outer Sunset resident Shawna McGrew best sums up the local attitude, "It's my home; it's my home to lose."
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[Image via Earthquake Safety]