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BrokerBlog Wrap: Good News & Bad News

1) Do you tend to favor denial over acceptance in the face of bad news? If so, and if you're into real estate, we've got the site for you — it's called, literally, Happy Real Estate News. And here's some good news for everyone: San Francisco is on every carefully culled, painstakingly positive list. [Happy RE News via Luba's SF]

2) Fee Creep is problem in real estate that must be controlled, says the Department of Housing and Urban Development — and no, they're not talking about sleazy agents (understandable mistake though). Think more along the lines of that undercoating fee you pay when you buy a new car, only imagine it depends on race, location, and education. Creepy, indeed. [Sq Ft Blog]

3) A handy list of Red Flags for home buyers; some obvious (bad smells, bugs); some subtle (fresh paint on one wall, a poorly conceived renovation); and some prejudiced ("Apartment homes nearby can spell trouble - as they tend to degrade a home’s future prospects for appreciation. Apartment buildings also tend to be full of young people who go in and out at all hours"). Damn Kids, always depreciatin' property values! [Redfin]