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Curbed National: Tetris, Debauchery, and Shipping Containers

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And now, a look at what's happening elsewhere in the Curbed Nation.

1) One more Reverse-L and a Long Vertical and this New York complex will complete its Tetris, then promptly disappear. [Curbed]

2) New York's Building A, bringing together hip LES subcultures for better or worse. Lo, the result of rooftop pools in gentrifying areas: "drugs, booze everywhere and some random people shitting in our gym." Where the hell are the party roofs in SF? [Curbed]

3) For years, architects have proposed the use of shipping containers as building blocks for affordable housing. This is not that. A $2.695M home made from 14 shipping containers has hit the market in LA. Why? [Curbed LA]