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Visualization Therapy Prescribed for Masonic Avenue Ills

Activist group FixMasonic (mission: "to make Masonic a place that people - be they residents, pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, shoppers or drivers - want to be") pulled together some of the Haight/Panhandle's best and brightest last Wednesday to get community input on Nelson/Nygard Consulting's proposed changes to the thoroughfare.

Nelson/Nygard clearly knew their audience, and deep-sixed the flashy and slick PowerPoint preso for those giant post-it thingies and a couple of sharpies. Then again, maybe you don't need to pull out the projector when your idea of radical improvement is to replace a lane of traffic with a disturbingly Hankyesque tree.
· Visualize a Better Masonic Avenue meeting gathers community input for busy corridor [Haight Ashbury Beat]