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Countdown Till The Ballot: You Got Your Labor in my Business

There's a lot of talk, maybe, maybe too much talk about the propositions and measures up for the vote in the June 3, 2008 Consolidated Statewide Direct Primary Election. Countdown Till The Ballot is your helping of what folks around SF are saying about them today. Concurrence, discussion, and/or mockery encouraged in the comments.

Talk: Reject Prop. 98, rife with harmful hidden agendas
Talker: SJ Merc
Details: Prop. 98's a Trojan Horse, its supporters are using eminent domain fears to get rid of rent control. It'll also take away a lot of the power local communities have to govern themselves. And lots of people hate it, like the Governor, DiFi, and the state Chamber of Commerce.

Talk: Labor and business urge yes on G, no on F
Talker: SF Chronicle's Open Forum
Details: G might get you a construction job! F means you have to stay poor to stay in the nabe.

Talk: 'Yes' on 98, 'no' on 99
Talker: Solano/Napa Times Harald Online
Details: Prop. 98 prevents eminent domain abuse way better than 99. (Note: no mention of rent control, though we can't imagine hanging on to a $1000/month studio's the most pressing issue facing Napa residents.)

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