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Beaucoup Grant Bucks up for Grabs

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Like that wealthy relative that only visits twice a year, the Community Challenge Grant Program is back with its smeary lipstick kisses, criticism of your choice of footwear ("you'll never catch a man unless you wear heels!"), and big fat wads of cash.

But instead of having to grimace and covertly wipe your cheek, or slap on some of 9 West's finest to get the loot, all deserving community residents and neighborhood groups have to do to receive as much as $100K to "create green spaces, gathering places, public art, and other neighborhood amenities" is fill out a form or two.

Of course, the payout is dependent on the project, and fund matching by the community, as well as demonstrable results, are a must. The grant application window's open from today to July 9, and you can get help on form completion during workshops at this weekend's NEN Clean and Green Summit.
· Grass-roots neighborhood fixes grow out of city grant program [SF Examiner]