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Technologies of the Future: Nano Vent-Skin

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The creators of Nano Vent-Skin believe that wind-power is the future of energy, so beyond our current ad-hoc inclusion of turbines and into the realm of true architectural integration they go. Nano Vent-Skin is essentially a mesh-like building skin made out of micro wind turbines. Merely an idea for now, it might someday be the future of both building facades and power generation. Want to hear the sales pitch?

Using nano-manufacturing with bioengineered organisms as a production method, NVS merges different kinds of micro organisms that work together to absorb and transform natural energy from the environment.What comes out of this merging of living organisms is a skin that transforms two of the most abundant sources of green energy on earth: Sunlight and Wind. There is another advantage of using living organisms: the absorption of CO2 from the air.

The outer skin of the structure absorbs sunlight through an organic photovoltaic skin and transfers it to the nano-fibers inside the nano-wires which then is sent to storage units at the end of each panel.Each turbine on the panel generates energy by chemical reactions on each end where it makes contact with the structure. Polarized organisms are responsible for this process on every turbine’s turn.The inner skin of each turbine works as a filter absorbing CO2 from the environment as wind passes through it.The fact of using nano-bioengineering and nano-manufacturing as means of production is to achieve an efficient zero emission material which uses the right kind and amount of material where needed.These micro organisms have not been genetically altered; they work as a trained colony where each member has a specific task in this symbiotic process. For example, an ant or a bee colony, where the queen knows what has to be done and distributes the tasks between the members.

We'll take two.
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