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Marina Subway Denoted Necessary and Desirable

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Subway may be Entrepreneur Magazine's #1 Global Franchise Opportunity, but San Francisco's formula-retail unfriendly environment might force aspiring "Sandwich Artists" to trek to the Marina to achieve true creative fulfillment.

While the Planning Commission denied aspiring Quizno's stomper (and owner of 8 of San Francisco's 36 Subway locations) Akki Patel's proposed Mission District location, on grounds that the BMT-dispensary was "neither necessary nor desirable." His outstanding application for a Tenderloin location is also in peril, due to its proximity to an existing Subway.

However, "City Zoning Administrator Larry Badiner said the department recommended approval of a Subway store in the Marina district because it is 'tourist-oriented' and 'auto-oriented.'"

While this could certainly be perceived as yet another shot fired in the tiresome conflict known as the Mission vs Marina war, we have to wonder: where would Jared want to dine? Readers? Your whole wheat or white thoughts welcomed, as always, in the comments.

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