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Countdown Till The Ballot: Prop 98 in Peril

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There's a lot of talk, maybe, maybe too much talk about the propositions and measures up for the vote in the June 3, 2008 Consolidated Statewide Direct Primary Election. Countdown Till The Ballot is your daily helping of what folks around SF are saying about them today. Concurrence, discussion, and/or mockery encouraged in the comments.

Who: The Field Poll
What: Prop. 98 losing support, 99 anyone's guess
Why: It's a poll, so there's not much "why" to be had just yet. But it's interesting to note that "women and renters (are) strongly opposing Prop. 98 and favoring Prop. 99. Men and homeowners also mostly favored Prop. 99, with men evenly divided on Prop. 98 and homeowners opposing Prop. 98 by a much narrower margin than renters."

Who: SFBG Politics Blog
What: Prop 98 stinks
Why: If San Francisco loses rent control, it loses writers and its literary scene. Also, Matt Smith is wrong to like Prop 98.

Who: BeyondChron, guest editorial by Grace Martinez‚
What: No on F, yes on G
Why: Prop. F doesn't guarantee jobs or any additional community benefits, and its affordable housing income threshold prices out the families who make minimum wage. Prop G's reliance on Lennar is far from ideal, true. But the CBA the City has with Lennar holds them to their promises, providing the swiftest and best solutions for the overall community

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