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North Beach Kvetch Update: Birdies and Bogey Gone

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It's a sad day for kitschy mural lovers, parrot devotees, and Bogart fans. That North Beach mural depicting a flock of wild parrots is suddenly gone. The building—the former site of The Shadows restaurant, where a private booth was always reserved for Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart during filming of their film-noir classic Dark Passage and more recently the restaurant Della Torre—has been turned into a single family home. The new owners, well within their rights, took the thing down.

In related news, a second piece of local flair has been scrapped, according a Curbed tipster. Just across the street from the erstwhile restaurant, a life size Bogart cutout has been removed from the window of the Malloch Apartments, the building that played home to Bacall's Dark Passage character. Ostensibly, too many gawking tourists—what with their talking and picture-taking and all—were a burden to the respectable denizens of NB. In the words of our tipster, "The nerve. The noise. The neighbors." Alas, such is North Beach.
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