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Planning Dept. Gets $745K for Plan to Plan Mission Streetscape Plan

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Our fair city's Planning Department is rolling on a pile of singles -- 745,000, to be exact -- as they wait for "community input" to create the Mission Streetscape Plan, "a comprehensive design plan for streets in the Mission District, based on community needs and priorities."

Yes, folks, you they got that right, they received $745K in grant money to make a plan to make a plan. Which is cool, because that way they can say they're going to plan for:

gracious, accessible, safe sidewalks;
well-marked crosswalks with shorter crossing distances;
close and friendly integration of transit;
bicycle connectivity and amenities;
increased usable public space;
closely planted street trees and pedestrian-scaled lighting;

accommodation of automobile traffic at appropriate speeds.And give us, well, guess we'll just wait and see. You, too, can help start the plan planning tonight, at what they're rather ominously calling the"Mission Streetscape and Cesar Chavez Design Workshop #1." The plan party runs from 6:30 to 9, at Cesar Chavez Elementary School.
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