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Home Depot Assumes Patrons Own Property

Representatives of Consumerist usual suspect, big-box home improvement store Home Depot is annoying its NC patrons by approaching them and offering "special promotion(s) for Home Owners."

...when an HD associate approached me, I assumed with would be the usual "Finding everything". But it was an attempt to interest me in the special promotion for home owners they're running....Fortunately there was a sucker beside of me who spoke up and I moved along. A few minutes later and a few asile away who do i see coming but the promotion guy. Again I get the "did you hear about our new promotion". Wow, yes and still not interested. The mind boggles -- when have you even been able to easily find an employee in one of our local Home Depots, let alone get offered any sort of special HD scam? Curbed wants to know: when Home Depot employees attack stories go here.
· Dear Home Depot: I Do Not Want To Hear About Your Special Promotion For Home Owners [Consumerist]