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Affordable Housing Crisis SOLVED With Developer Tax

Back in 1993, some long forgotten someone or other proposed a plan that would tax commercial developers in order to build affordable housing for the toiling masses. Did the city implement said measure? Need we even ask? Oh, but only if city hall had paid attention all those years ago ... Proposition G and F supporters could have saved a boat load on printing costs and hot air! Fear not— the game's back on. Both the City Council and the Planning Commission are keenly interested in giving the linkage fee another lease on life. The game plan: $5 per square foot, all socked into a pretty little kitty named "affordable housing." Alternately, developers could be required to designate 15 percent of their units as BMR's— up from the current 10 percent (which builders can buy their way out of, anyway). Housing advocates, take a deep breath. Holding ...
· Fee could be link to affordable housing [Examiner]

[Ed note: The Examiner's talking San Mateo here, people, not San Francisco Yes, we know, we know ... (though this issue is present is SF, too, for the record). Fear not: Your Editrix will be on summer vacation in T-minus 4 hours.]