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Proposition G Redux: We're Sensing Some Apathy Here

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Last week's announcement that Lennar Corp. rolled over to several community organizations' demands for more affordable housing; the megatron developer has entered into a legally-binding agreement that provides for 35 percent affordable housing, a step up from its original plan, which called for 25 percent. Creeping up on the Daly-backed, 50 percent affordable demand of Proposition-F, the new-and-improved Prop. G represents what some have called an unprecedented rollover on the part of Big Development. Others have shrugged it off as a desperate political ploy. Naturally, we took this puppy to vote. And guess what? You all don't give a rat's ass! Obviously tired of the G/F propaganda clogging your mailboxes and RSS feeds, 76.8 percent of you said "just build the damn thing already!" 10.5 percent see Proposition G take deux as a community coup, while a pessimistic 12.6 see Lennar's plan as a sorry exercise in corporate desperation.
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[Map o' the Bayview courtesy the Chron's graphic design cartel. Much obliged.]