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Magnolia Madness: Haight Pissed Over Yuppification

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The Haight Street mainstay Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery reopened last evening following a brief closure for renovations. And the nabe ain't so thrilled about it: During the resto's face lift, a legendary Grateful Dead mural that stretched above the bar was painted over. The Haight Ashbury Beat describes Magnolia's new look as "tacky, 1990s era faux gold finish. It now looks like something from Sacramento St circa 1992." Rumor has it that some longtime staff members were axed before the temporary closure which, by the way, also yielded the addition of "Gastropub" to its name. Gentrification? Keeping up with the Joneses? NIMBY invasion? Or yet another unfortunate run-in with a Rather Hideous decorator? [Eater SF]