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Eater Tastings: Scott's Coup, Yoshi's Jump, Minty's Mystery

It's Friday— let's reminisce about the week that was at Eater SF, shall we?

[Yoshi's. Empty. At 8 p.m. On a Saturday. Not a good sign.]

1) Resto rogue and Top Chef reject Ryan Scott is planning a complete takeover of the kitchen at Mission Beach Cafe. Listen Scott: Step off the pastries, and everything will stay cool. Mess with 'em, and all bets are off. We're watching you.
2) Minty, you're trying our patience. Construction is on full-force at 54 Mint, the future host to some mystery restaurant or other. Out with it, already!
3) Quel horreur! Might Yoshi's move across the Bay have catapulted the legend over the shark? An empty floor at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night. A desolate lounge ... S.O.S.!
4) What is definitely not going to save your struggling North Beach resto? A couple of outdoor fresco tables, that's what. Gentle suggestion for Avenue G: Please do not hire an Italian-speaking host to cajole us on the sidewalk. Been done— kind of like the tables.