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UPDATE: Court Chops Bail for Tenant Terrorizers

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Onward with the miniseries-in-the-making that is the case against former landlords Kip and Nicole Macy. Quick recap: In August 2006, the Macy's purchased a six-unit apartment building at 744-746 Clementina Street, in SoMa, subsequently proceeding to evict its tenants according to Ellis Act allowances. Due to a disability, tenant Scott Morrow was granted a one-year reprieve that spiraled into a landlord vs. tenant nightmare of epic proportions. The Macy's were charged and booked on multiple felony accounts of burglary, theft, conspiracy and stalking. (Sordid deets here.) Fast forward to today: Following their lawyer's contention that the Macy's were, in fact, the victim of plaintiff Morrow— to be fair, the man does have a history of suing the shit out of people— a San Francisco judge reduced Bonnie & Clyde's bail to $250,000, down from $350,000. Price Chopper! All documents and the original affadavit were also sealed by the judge, who put a gag order on all involved parties. We'll see how long that one lasts.
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