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Factory-Built Future: Affordable Homes for San Francisco

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A new San Francisco startup says they have the solution to the city's affordable housing shortage. Zeta Communities (website pending!) plan to produce modular, factory-built, multi-family homes that utilize the latest in sustainable technologies (natch). Sound familiar? Bay Area architecture firm Michelle Kauffman Designs recently debuted their new modular, factory-built, multi-family prototype — the mkSolaire. So far, the biggest difference between the two seems to be that MKD actually have a prototype. Zeta doesn't. They haven't or unveiled designs or opened a factory— which sort of seems like a necessary step if you're going to be mass producing factory-built homes by 2009, no? Impressive claims here: the 1,600 square foot homes are estimated to sell for $400,000 and only cost $165 / per to build. Zeta Communities are currently scheming up a 17-unit development in San Francisco. Entry-level homes in an upper-level town? Imagine.
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