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Trinity Place Finally Breaks Ground

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Yesterday saw the groundbreaking of Trinity Place, the three tower, 1,900 unit (1,100 studio units and 800 one-bedroom units) monster-development designed by Miami-based architects, Arquitectonica. Plans for the demo and reconstruction of the beleaguered Trinity Plaza on Market Street (a nasty, 360-unit converted hotel) began years ago, soon launching a spectacular shitshow of political proportions that drew in everyone from the site's owner, real estate mogul and "father of rent control" Angelo Sangiacomo, to Supervisor Christopher Daly, who initially opposed the sale of the land. The project was approved back in 2007; the first phase is located at 1177 Market Street (next to SoMa Grand) and will take about 2 years to complete, at which time the city will be home to 440 new residential units, including 360 of the rent-controlled variety. And the saga continues ... (Constructoporn in the photo gallery!)
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[images via Trininty Place]

Trinity Place

1188 Mission St, San Francisco, CA