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Will Prop F Polish Off the 49ers?

The June 3rd election is fast approaching, and the fate of the 49ers—and the Bayview neighborhood—hangs in the balance. It's a showdown between Propositions G and F; between Chris Daly and Gavin Newsom; between the good and the well-intended. But which is which? San Francisco has already been called the "underdog" in our efforts to keep the 49ers, and unless Proposition G passes, moving the Bayview plan forward (now with 35 percent affordable housing, many think we can forget about the stadium. Proponents of Prop F, however, don't find the situation so cut and dried: If Prop F passes, moving the Bayview plan forward with 50 percent affordable housing, its proponents say that the stadium is still a possibility with a different contractor while preserving the integrity of the nabe. Opponents call F "reckless" and "disingenuous." Which way will voters swing? Is this a city-wide guilt trip from Chris Daly? Are San Francisco residents pretending to worry about gentrification and telling their friends that they're voting for Prop F, when in reality, they really want a new stadium? Sneaky!
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