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In the Crosshairs: Lennar Targets Daly for Campaign $$$ Violations

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Daly, get your guns. With T-minus two weeks until the June 3rd election, Lennar Corporation isn't backing down for one hot second on Proposition G: Lawyers for the mega-developer (and close friend of city hall) have filed a complaint with the city's Ethics Committee, alleging violations of campaign finance laws by Daly and his Prop-F supporting Bayview Committee for Affordable Housing. Lennar and Co. allege that the sly registration of Daly's outfit as a "general purpose committee" rather than a "candidate controlled committee" allows his influence to remain murky; Lennar is calling for the placement of stricter regulations on the committee's contribution reports, for instance. As it stands, Daly's mailers are “disseminated without legally required identifying information and prohibited contributions may be made by unsuspecting donors," according to Lennar. The Supe scoffed at the suggestion that his campaign might accept non-kosher donations, comparing the $10,000 his campaign has raised and spent compared against Proposition G's $2.23M budget, funded largely by Lennar itself. Less cash money yields a lower chance for corruption? Fun with logic!
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