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Eater Tastings: Health Care Woes, R.I.P. Moose's, Ice Cream Madness

Please join us as we reflect upon the week that was at our brother blog, Eater SF.

[Moose's last hurrah courtesy Flickr photog Qtip]

1) Resto owner "gobsmacked" after Supe Ammiano and company refuse to pay $13.31 health care surcharge on bill. Says the Supe: "We wanted a pleasant evening without politics being introduced."
2) To wit, it's go time for restos to comply with city "Healthy SF" health care mandate.
3) Moose's celebrates its last night as such. Valleywaggers dry eyes, pull selves up by boot straps. New happy hour haunt TBD.
4) Ben and Jerry's hosts free ice cream day. Haight street roll call: "dreadlocked folk, after-school kids, parents, toddlers, guitar aficionados and even a few homelesses."