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Lawyer Calls Tenant Terrorizers "Victims"

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And the drama continues: Derelict landlords Kip and Nicole Macy have retained a lawyer who vehemently swears that his clients are actually the victims in a suit brought on by plaintiff Scott Morrow, their former tenant at 744-746 Clementina Street. Morrow has issued a laundry list of claims against the Macys, maintaining that his former landlords did everything from carve a hole in his floor to assuming his identity online in an effort to evict him from the building. Both have pleaded not guilty to felony charges that include burglary, stalking and conspiracy. Kip Macy has posted $350,000 bail, while Nicole, who hasn't gotten it together on the financial front, remains in jail. The Macys' lawyer contends that Morrow is "behaving in a manner approaching vexatious litigation"; Morrow also sued the former owner of the same building— and won— a point used by the Macys to support that. A judge has issued a gag order on all parties, though the Macys' lawyer has requested that the case be sealed altogether, as both Kip and Nicole have received "very disturbing e-mails and communications" since the case became known publicly. Nothing like a good real estate scandal ...
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· Bonnie & Clyde Landlords Terrorize Tenants [Curbed SF]