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New York Times Lobs Softball at InterContinental

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The New York Times is kinder than most.In a review of the InterContinental, that new local landmark that you all love to hate and Chron Critic John King hates to love. The review doesn't have much to say about the architecture of the hotel, besides admitting that many consider it to be "plain ugly" (or maybe "the most horrible building in recent memory") and blandly describing the interior: "the muted beige interiors are well proportioned and calming." However, points are earned for the floor-to-ceiling windows for providing great views of the the "half-seedy, half-sparkly" ("Sparkly?" really?) SoMa neighborhood. "Pay a little more for the king bed superior and you’ll be guaranteed a room above the 12th floor. From this height, the neighborhood’s dingy residence hotels blend into the sleek cocktail bars." Have we stumbled across the solution to SoMa's homeless plight? From up high, we can all simply ignore those unsightly transients and dirty sidewalks— on one would even know the difference!
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