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Ask Curbed SF: SF City College Jacks Up Sunnyside

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Something going down in the nabe that no one can quite figure out? Proceed to the Ask Curbed SF inbox, post haste.

I'm live in Sunnyside near the San Francisco City College main campus. Neighbors have been starting to talk about a soccer field to be put in at the north end of the football field. There's talk of losing the green space and mature trees on Judson Hill, unsightly walls and fencing, and noise from field itself, which will be elevated to the height of the football field. As a neighbor, I've received no information from the College and can't find anything online. (I've also contacted Supervisor Elsberd and Board of Trustees member Milton Marks.) Any news the Curbed has would be appreciated – rumor has it construction will start soon. "Loss of green space and mature trees." Brace.