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The Westin Saint Francis Smells Like Old People

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Perhaps it is because the Westin Saint Francis is old. As hell. (108!) Classic, but nevertheless ... we did enjoy this short-but-frank review of the joint, replete with obligatory W Hotel slam. (Feel you on that one.):

Walking into the lobby struck another one of our senses and not in a good way. The place smelled old. As if we were stepping into a museum replete with that stale library scent. Sure, the lobby is impressionable--there's echoey marble everywhere--but this is not a strikingly modern, architecturally progressive hotel lobby like THOR. Then again, we were thankful it wasn't a W Hotel "living room". Blech! We really love our bathrooms and the bathroom here was where the letdown began. The tub was standard and the fixtures were ho-hum. We felt it was a very B- performance. ... Upon closer inspection the room felt worn. The furniture had that look of inexpensive wood chipping. This is where we felt that being a landmark hotel is a blessing and a curse. It's great if it can be maintained to museum quality standards, but when the landmark begins to crumble, it feels sad, like an old depressed man who once stood tall and proud, the years forming a hunch in his back.

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