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UPDATE: There Was, In Fact, A Fire at AT&T Park Last Night

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A tipster dropped the word earlier today that there was a fire at AT&T park last night— one that mysteriously failed to emerge in this morning's news reports. From the comment box, we have the deets:

I live at the top of a tower at 4th and King and we were watching a movie with the lights out when the fire started— my girlfriend might have been one of the first people to see it happen (when we called 911, after the typical San Francisco "Please hold. Your life-and-death emergency will be handled in the order it was received", the operator was incredulous— "The WHAT is on fire?"). The fire started from what appeared to be near the base of the game lights support just north of the 3rd Street gate (not the main gate) on the club level.
The fire grew very quickly: in about 2 minutes of us staring at it while trying to get someone on the phone, it reached what I would imagine was about 15-20 feet high in flames (it was reaching from the club level deck up above the overhead support for the view deck above). The fire was fairly localized, and the response was immense...

UPDATE on the update: An SFist reader sent in a snap of the drama.

There were a number of full-length hook and ladders responding (I counted at least 8 units on scene and we could hear more) and the police arrived shortly thereafter to block accessing streets (there was a unit blocking access eastbound onto Berry between 4th and 3rd and another blocking southbound access onto 3rd below King from our vantage point). We saw almost immediate activity from firefighters running around the blaze (we could see their silhouettes). They had the fire out in a very short amount of time - about five minutes - and, yes, as reports indicated when they got it wet it released a huge cloud of black smoke over Mission Bay (but the winds quickly dissipated it).

I meant to take a picture but my phone was dead, but there was very definitely a fire in that stadium and, from the size of it that we could see, there should some very clear indications left behind.

One interesting detail, the walkway lighting on the club level was turned on a couple/few minutes after firefighters started battling the fire. This might indicate that no one familiar with the operation of the stadium was actually present (or on that level) when the fire broke out -- but just speculation.

If anyone has pictures, please let me know. I'm shocked that this hasn't been covered because the police/fire scanners must have been "ablaze" with chatter on this.
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