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"Ghost Terminal" to Reopen, Ghosts Change Travel Plans

Left to wander through a post 9/11 afterlife, San Francisco Airport's long-lost "Ghost Terminal" will soon be brought back to life in an unholy ceremony involving seismic retrofits and Latin incantations. Spurred back by increased air travel and competition among the new "hip" airlines, Jetblue and SFO newcomer Virgin America, the new terminal will serve as a domestic hub with a hott redesign described as "distinctly San Francisco." This of course means it will be a "green design" (come on now— how green can an airport really be?) with expensive coffee, expensive food, and expensive retail shopping. The cost to update the original 1954 building? $383 million. Seismic retrofits will start in a few weeks, with exterior renovations soon to follow. SFO is planning for Terminal 2 to be fulling operational by the end of 2010 but has yet to release plans detailing how ghosts, specters, and poltergeists will travel once the new terminal is complete.
· SFO brings ghost terminal back from the dead [Inside Bay Area]

[image via Inside Bay Area]