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"Sunday Healthways" to Shut Down City Streets?

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Brace for the backlash, San Francisco: Gavin and Company are considering closing down certain city streets on Sundays in order to provide "cheap, healthy and safe" recreation spaces for those who live in areas that are relatively flat and aren't so close to major parks— Chinatown, Bayview, and the Tenderloin have been mentioned as possible test grounds for the proposed initiative. (Can't you just picture the fleets of impeccably waxed, matching spandex-clad cyclists gliding gracefully through the Tenderloin? So can we!) Given the incessant kvetch fest over similar closures in Golden Gate Park, it should be, shall we say, interesting to see how individual nabes react to the possibility of having their streets either partially or fully shut down in the name of a program called "Sunday Healthways." Given that the plan can't be realized without a million feasibility studies, planning meetings, and negotiations with local neighborhood groups, it should be a good, long while before such ideas even come close to fruition.
· Proposal would turn streets into recreational spaces [SF Examiner]