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Google Proposes GG Party, Nabe Complains

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Google is petitioning the city for an after-hours party at Golden Gate park on June 11th, and guess what— go ahead now, take a stab at it— the neighborhood is riled over the sort of "noise, litter and inebriation" that led the city to establish a 105-decibel cap on musical events in the park back in 2006. Additional objection: the proposed event will take place at 10 p.m. (waaaay past the nabes' bedtime); 1,400 people will gorge on an alcoholic picnic dinner before performing horribly stilted dance moves to the tune of U2 and Journey cover bands. Cover bands? Slackers. If given permission to land, Google will post a $1m insurance bond, and pay off the city with $20,860 in fees. [Examiner]

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