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Market & Octavia Nabe Plan Actually Approved

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You might want to sit down for this one. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have *gasp* unanimously approved the Market & Octavia Neighborhood Plan. Previously under review for 6 years, the M&O Plan was recently brought into question by high-profile Supe Ross Mirkarimi, who wanted to add higher developer fees, additional housing (affordable, of course), and reduced parking. After negotiating with the mayor's office, an agreement was reached that requires 25% of new units to be sold at below market rates; developer fees were raised to upwards of $50M, which will be put towards an affordable housing fund. The M&O plan will have some drastic urban implications: zoning changes will permit devs to pack more residential units in less space and, in some places, allow the construction of 40-story towers near Van Ness Avenue and Market Street. (This is twice the previously-permissible limit, for those of you who fear heights.) All things considered, San Francisco should see 6,000 new housing units. Progress? Refreshing. Next up: the Octavia Boulevard Plan.
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