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Wednesday AM Linkage: Olympic Torch Madness Edition

[Says a Curbed fan of last night's Giants vs. Padres game at AT&T Park: "The cheers of 'Free! Ti! Bet!' somehow turned into 'Lets! Go! Mets!' in the drunk bleachers." Yes, that actually happened.]

· Pelosi sounds off on that pesky Olympic torch protest thing. [Huff Po]
· Richard Gere and Archbishop Desmond Tutu wax on the torch. [Huff Po]
· Today's MUNI delays. Subject to change, natch. [SFist]
· Hide yer contraband! Bag searches for bridge crossers begin. [ABC 5]
· A.P.B.: Chinese paramilitary "killer cops" will surround torch. [Yahoo News]
· London and Paris set high "theatricality" bar for protesters. [Civic Center]
· Torch protests prove a conundrum for S.F. liberals [Mother Jones Blog]