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Ask Curbed SF: Graf Can't Mask North Beach Eyesore

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WTF?, you say? Ask Curbed SF, that's what. Whatever's chapping your ass, snap a pic and send it along to the Curbed SF inbox. Hold tight— somebody out there has the answer. And if they don't, well, that's the breaks, kid.

Attention North Beach denizens: No nabe knows itself like the NB— one of you has to have the scoop on this recent reader send-in:

I've passed this mural at the corner of Powell and Columbus countless times, and have always marveled that it hasn't been tagged over. What's up with the building itself, I wonder? The top floors look to be completely dilapidated, and it's been sitting that way forever, it looks like. Just a negligent owner, or is there another story? Those North Beach types always seem to be waging war against one another, so maybe the place is locked up in some sort of litigation? Anyone?