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Architecture Watch: Paging the Mod Squad

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Join us for Architecture Watch, wherein Curbed SF steps out into the wide, blue yonder, collecting the best, worst, and wonkiest of projects. Nominate!

With its small area, lack of parking, and hilly terrain, getting around on a motorcycle or motor scooter just make sense in San Francisco — and a lot of people do so. So maybe a project like Tokyo's NE Apartments would make sense in our fair city? Architects Yuji Nakae, Akiyoshi Takagi, and Hirofumi Ohno have designed the apartments to accommodate the modern motorbike maniac (envision the iconic SF hipster, hogging the bike lane on a restored 1968 Vespa, Marc Jacobs bag flying in the wind). Each unit includes a small garage, designed around a central courtyard that gives residents room to turn their bikes around or a space to work on them outside. The reinforced concrete structure has been designed as a natural extension of the road, wrapping itself around the alley it sits on and creating a clear path leading residents into their private units. Design for a specific subculture— what a novel concept.
· NE apartment by Yuji Nakae, Akiyoshi Takagi and Hirofumi Ohno [dezeen]

[Images courtesy dezeen]