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Why Stop at CAMP?: Cinephiles Demand New Presdido Theatre

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As the San Francisco International Film Fest approaches and cinephiles brush up on obscure Fassbinder references, the festival's organizing group is making news for another reason. Much to the chagrin of preservationists still busy fighting Don Fisher's pet museum, CAMP, the San Francisco Film Society has recently presented a plan calling for the renovation of the 1939 Presidio Theatre — which just happens to sit right across the street from CAMP's planned home. The design calls for doubling the size of the existing 100,000 square foot structure in order to turn it into a venue that shows limited-release films — like the recent Sundance Kabuki only with less Robert Redford. Because it is an already-existing building, the Presidio Theatre renovation would likely have to follow incredibly aggressive and non-imaginative design guidelines. One would think that would appease historians. One would be wrong. Problem: the urbanization of the Presidio. If any changes are going to made to the theater, they're still a long way off. The current proposal is only speculative— just a little something to keep people pissed off.
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