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CurbedWire: Fisher Battening Down the Hatches at GAP H.Q.

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Got deets? Address your email to the CurbedWire Inbox. We heart the photographic evidence, however craptastic the snaps.

EMBARCADERO— Donald Fisher is popping Atavan and biting his nails voraciously over tomorrow's torch protests. The following harried message just arrived from the Crackberry of an in-the-know Curbed operative. We've left the punctuation as-is in order to preserve our informant's sense of urgency: "gap is wrapping the entire corporate HQ in shatter-proof plastic wrap right now in prep for tomorrow's torch protest on the EMB, which makes me wonder if thats not whats going on with Cupids Span, which is also owned by Don Fisher. Word from friends on the inside: security will be TIGHT tomorrow at work as all hell is suspected to break loose on the waterfront, where Gap HQ is located around 130-200pm." [CurbedWire Inbox]


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