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Tuesday PM Linkage

[Free Tibet protest action courtesy Flickr photog Bob Bingham. Curbed comrades, feel free to send tomorrow's deets along to— we'll be waiting for the live action from our on-the-ground informants.]

· The sky, it is falling: home sales bottomed out in February. [SF Gate]
· There's still time!: Google's guide to protesting the torch. [G'Skip]
· Live action: today's Free Tibet protest in Justin Herman Plaza. [SFist/ Justin TV]
· Fun with Headlines: "Violence pays off for Bay Bridge" [The Capricious Commuter]
· Greener Than Thou: Biodiesel soaks SF railways. [Beyond Chron]
· Housing market "final nail in the coffin" for print media? [Trulia Blog]
· Round up: non torch-related linkage [CBS5 Eye on Blogs]