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Reader Comment of the Day

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Regarding our earlier post on the contested development project at 700 Valencia Street, an anonymous reader rants: As a 12-year resident of the Mission (I lived on Lex behind this lot for 3 years), I am sick of the pro-blight contingent that seeks to de-rail economic development at every turn. This goes for our district-elected "supervisors", MEDA, and every kaffiyehs-wearing, trust fund Marxist in this town. This is a fucking parking lot currently. Every 5th or 6th storefront on "lively" Valencia Street is shuttered. A block away, Mission Street is even worse. So what to do? Oh, I this attempt to infuse the tax base, grow the economy and create and sustain service-sector jobs just as we enter what could be a very serious recession. Awesome. And here we thought the "Kiffiyeh/ Hipster" debate was confined to Curbed NY. Silly us.