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Action on Valencia: Lowriding Bratt Brothers Filming in the Mission

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Tow trucks, traffic cones, and Law & Order fans are out en masse in the Mission this morning, paying homage to Mission Street Rhapsody, the indie film directed by Peter Bratt, starring brother Benjamin Bratt, and filming right now on Valencia, between 19th and 21st Streets (roughly). The one-sentence synopsis, as per a crew member: A father (Latino, Catholic, native Missionite, and lover of Low Rider culture) struggles to deal with (read: has a near-breakdown over) his son's revelation that he is (OMG!)gay. Local bloggers recount the good-times-had-by-all during the filming of a (hush) gay bar scene. Said bloggers also report that craft services are providing biodegradable utensils (audible sigh of relief). Expect to see crews out and about through the end of the month.
· 5 Stick Films [Bratt's production company]