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Eater Tastings: Chez Papa Opens, Danko Soars, Scott Hugs

"You're the best!" "No, you're the best, by far!" "Stop! You're embarrassing me!" Welcome to Eater Tastings, where we review the greatness that is Eater SF.

[Chez Papa interior courtesy Eater SF photog Jennifer Yin]

1) Restos are Greener Than Thou too, you know. FiDi greenie fave Mixt Greens will open it's third locale on April 15th inside of— get this— the J.P. Morgan Chase building. The Suits heart the environment, and it shows.

2) Remember that joint in Mint Plaza? Chez Papa? Yeah well, it opened. Finally.

3) Show boater Gary Danko starred in a commercial on Austrian TV— while piloting a biplane. By himself. Note the maniacal grin 'n goggle combo. Hott.

4) Observed at last week's Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival: SF Top Chef Ryan Scott is "a hugger because, you know, he's from California." Thomas Keller listens to Queen and Van Halen ('nuff said there).

Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103