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BREAKING: (Official) Craigslist Blogger Withdraws C&D Threat, Cops to Being a "Jerk"

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Yesterday, we broke the news on a 'lil lawsuit-in-the-making between Craiglist Blog (the unofficial version, launched several weeks back) and the actual, sanctioned Craigslist Blog (launched recently by CL's Jim Buckmaster). Craigslist Blog (official) all but threatened to slap Craigslist Blog (unofficial) with every blogger's nightmare— the Cease and Desist letter, after taking issue with the unofficial blog's "misleading" business model. Following a veritable nuclear explosion across the Interweb of Truth as Craigslist Blog (unofficial) forwarded Buckmaster's missive far and wide, and the rest of us did what we're paid to do— shit: stirred— Buckmaster has backed down. Quoth Craigslist Blog (official):

We have no interest in shutting down blogs about craigslist, critical or otherwise, and have never tried to do so. But in the strange world of trademarks and copyright, it's poor practice to allow a confusingly similar domain or business name to go unchallenged. Given all the inquiries we'd gotten from reporters thinking this blogger was associated with craigslist, taken together with the deceptive textads and disrespect for our trademark and terms of use, we felt we had to act. But there was no need for me to act like a jerk, provoked or not.· CurbedWire: Step Off! Says Craigslist Blog to its Counterfeit Counterpart [Curbed SF]
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