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Ritual, Mission Hotbed of Capitalism

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"Beneath the huge modified hammer and sickle painted on the wall behind the counter, body piercings are outnumbered only by the laptops open throughout the room. As latte sippers pore over the latest draft of a business plan, bang out a little code or post to a blog, it is not hard to overhear snippets of dialogue with a decidedly capitalist bent: “We could make money off that,” and “Have you talked to them about a deal?” The New York Times squeezed one more article out of their recent Tour de SF (that makes five we've counted so far). We do agree: Ritual Roasters is the blogger's encampment of choice (FACT: Curbed 2.0 was launched from the back table). Thanks, NYT. It's been a highly entertaining— nay, downright endearing week; we'll think of you fondly while dying our hair purple, hitting the hash pipe, and rousing up a political rally at Berkeley Bowl before hauling our capitalist asses back to Ritual to strike it rich, bitch. [NYT] [Image courtesy Flickr photog alexanderjung]